Columbia University’s modern Tibetan Studies program is the only place in North America dedicated to training graduate students to focus on the study of modern Tibetan history, so the program has had a major impact on the field. Many talented graduate students in Tibetan studies and related fields have studied here, including seventeen current graduate students in 2019. 

The first three Ph.D. graduates in Modern Tibetan Studies are all currently employed in tenure track jobs: at Indiana University, and Mount Holyoke and Bard Colleges. Six more Ph.D. students are currently researching and writing their dissertations and four additional Ph.D. students are taking classes or preparing for their oral exams. 

More than twenty-four M.A. graduates in Tibetan studies have come through the program, fifteen of whom moved on to doctoral studies: six at Columbia, two to Harvard, and one each at Yale, the University of Chicago, the University of Virginia, Indiana University, SOAS University of London, Maastricht University (Netherlands), and Union Theological Seminary; another works as the East Asian Studies librarian at Oberlin College, and one serves as a adjunct lecturer at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois. Seven additional M.A. students are currently working through their degrees in the program.