Field: Sino-Tibetan History
Co-advisor: Gray Tuttle

Ngawang Dorje is a Ph.D. student in Tibetan and late Imperial Chinese history atMinzu University of China in Beijing. Currently, He is a visiting scholar at the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALAC) at Columbia University (2018-). He is interested inthe history of Sino-Tibetan relations in early Qing dynasty, andhistory and literature of Kadam Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He is also more broadly interested in the roles of Tibetan Buddhism in Inner Asia and the relationship between Inner Asia and China proper.

His dissertation project focuses on the 18-century Sino-Tibetan relationship by exploring the rolesof a Tibetan regent in both Ganden Podrang (1642-1959)and Qing Courts (1644-1912).

Ngawang received a B.A. from Tibet University and M.A. from Minzu University of China (2017). During his Third-year of M.A., he studied at the Department of Religious Studies at University of Virginia for one year (2015-2016).